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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

last eve of the lunar new year

its not a bad year after all.i felt contented with what i had and what i'll to have.tonight was the last evening according to lunar calendar.my baby and his mother spent the night with his grandma at the grandma's home.i stay alone at home.the sensational cctv new year party,almost a new custom after the invention of tv, was to launch and i prepared for it,for its sometimes quite informative about the political and social message.last night i first tried qq,a Chinese mainstream im service,after my kid brother suggested to me even i refused it for many years, and talked with video live with my mother and other family member at my hometown,and with my kid brother who lived in south China.its really a nice experience, cozily at fingertip u can watch the world at another corner.my old mother like in a shock to see my family movie on the screen,with the help of one of my nephews.

my pc reboot irregularly and now i picked the autosave by google email.i love my life so far and don't want anyone ruined it.i live with hope, hope a free world with prosperous.i will try my best to see the beautiful face of the day.

bye,all my friends and my heartthrob. i love u and continued love u.

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