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Sunday, March 30, 2008

finished a main upgrade to my domain homepage

at first in the past days i reviewed some web templates for idea on my homepage layout. after gradually idea emerged i launched to design my homepage from reuse of a template got from my web collection. i edit the logo and layout and got my html files. then quite some time spent on hacking code to make including pages and through javascript to incorporate my blog and gtalk and google calendar widget into my homepage. later after upload the files to my host server, the isp's ads for free account like me messed up the code and i had to try quite some means to avoid the messup. the night spent without a satisfying outlet. this morning i pickup the uncompleted task and finding the isp, godaddy.com, let their ads neat on my homepage, not messing up my page. then i found in ie7 the layout ugly. then another one or 2 hour spent correcting tables in page to let it tidy in ie window. near 10 am i finished all work and uploaded to my godaddy's server and my google apps' directory. so nice! i finally shift the unease in my heart as i mentioned ago in my blog with the result. i like it, even i need more time to fine tune it.

the picture above is the screen shot of my homepage. u can access it at http://be21zh.org/ , or http://www.be21zh.org/ .welcome visit or comment.

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