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Monday, April 14, 2008

diluted sunshine

these days busy with accustom with new online all day's life. the China surveillance tighten its rein and quite some websites, like blogspot, googlepages, utterz, now inaccessible. the days turned windy and pale in the sky. i almost all time in the weekend lingered in house. ema bring our baby son with her mother visited her cousin's wedding ceremony, with a tour of several hours' train route. i busy with downloading games from peer networks. the ftp server of 0day stuff now heavily being lagged, likely rule-filtered, from previously 30-50KB per second dropped dramatically to 2 or 4 KB per second. web surfing also frequently being reset and returned blank page or err page.

in the morning of the first work day, the girl graduate, now my new colleague, told me her internet granted ip was deprived and her pc can't serve me proxy. i was not astonished, for i know my any activities under the monitoring of the dictator's dog, the police. the girl was naive and tried to let her bf, who worked in the human resource dep. of the enterprise, to offer proxy service for us. but all the morning we all can't figure out why the proxy software on the young man's pc don't work. i searched the lan with wares and found lots of proxies available and quite some were open access. so i adopted some and enjoyed surfing, even in the afternoon quite err pages and redirecting occurred. the girl's pc almost all the day refused of internet access.

i know any convenience i can enjoy will bring surveillance and trouble to the offerer. but the hidden rule is that the authority, the cop, don't tell what's happening on me, nor telling people in real kindness i connected with. they control the people who want to partake a privilege from its loot of the stolen state power and let them mute to their brutality and humility of human right and separate from each other while on the other side they r the same people.

i love my life so far, even dog shits all over. i more enduring to look forward to the change to come, on this silent and scarred land.

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