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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pale morning, turned raining with frost

pc downloading all the afternoon when i absent, but reboot irregularly when i browsing. these days busy

with updating my sites on google apps and finished it till this afternoon. i adding all my web activities links to my sites on google apps. last night i busy on pc after 10 pm and let ema angry with me. she and baby recently got a cold and lasted for several days coughing. the grandma underwent renovation on her old house, replacing its old style carpet with floor blocks, for more convenient to maintain when the uncle board and lounged now here entered the senior middle school near the house. these days they busy with moving articles in the house to other place including our house to temporarily stock them so as to spare for renovation operation.

goolge pages last night accessible here, likely due to the coming Olympic game press the China authority to pose a more liberal impression. the turbulence of Chinese boycotting the France supermarket in China left me nothing impression, except disgusting. in nowadays China quite some youth can't find a rightful mean to support themselves and had to act aggravative to coincide with the authority to win some favorable treatment or opportunity to stand out. nothing special from them with dog. China now is a dog country, dog dominating all important resource and even biting for the greater.

after several sultry days now a cold weather descended, with snow in rain this afternoon. God sees the forth and backward of the conflicting force of hot and cold. but in the all over climate summer destined coming soon.

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