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Sunday, May 18, 2008

a raining & sober moring.

these days went without plan, just likely nature pulse driving. i likely sometimes fed up with surfing and lack energy to engage in new actions. the donating for the earthquake in Sichuan spread all over any organizations, and students ema tutoring talked lots about who denoted how much and who behaved on charity mean. i didn't being touched much and donated a mere 50 rmb on the gathering hosted by QRRS, my longtime employer, i just felt more stories arriving and i want to see. some young persons and the media likely again turn the calamity another march of patriotism. the media mainly covering the power of government actions and successfully operations and we don't know how the victims suffered and this will likely never got know in China. God's know u should be respected first and who should be memorized after all.

i again contented with the materials i can got from the web. i recently got a cd of open fonts and i liked it very much. i designed a logo for my non-profit and advocacy, China Democracy, at http://apps.facebook.com/…uses/86537 , and registered a google group for it, at http://groups.google.com/…aDemocracy .i love my works and just don't know how to promote it and win more coverage and public awareness.

its a nice day, with a storm in the dawn. now it drizzling and we all cooled down with the reality that we r constrained by the environment and our ability that don't reach many scope. God in every end of the hope is only workable way out.

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