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Saturday, June 21, 2008

heavy rain in the afternoon


these days i really felt time rampant. in the morning i spent about an hour just watching downloading to finish. however after a nap they all finished. my baby cried miserably just after woke up. the grandma just slept near him and likely my baby's dream bothered by the evil near him. he cried so loud that i had to stop my sorting disk to care him. but he in my arms still cried and the grandma took him over again. when i secondly attempted to take him he cling the shirt of the grandma. that let me lost temper and i beat his buttock at once. then baby gradually stopped crying. i then felt boring and started to play game "delta force" my own. soon baby asked to play game with me and we played for 2 hours and more. later he watched Taiwanese baby educational dvd till his mother returned. these days i fed up with the food the grandma cooked so i suggest dining out. the grandma opposed but ema supported me and we launched outside. we ate crisp pies, mutton, beef and shrimps. baby in full energy and haunted outside of the restaurant sometimes. we had a good time. the uncle of my baby near his final exam of junior middle school and had a break since today before taking the grand exam. baby shown extra happiness to hand in hand with his grandma.

that my happy life. ema these days more picky on her clothing. she might in seasons. i trust to my God to care my life, including my relation with her. i really hope i can be engaged with my cyberspace life as usual and find more funny stuff ahead.

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