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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

thunderstorm in the night

these days mostly cloudy days. and i felt cozy in sunshine. these days i busy with adding my family sites links of different publish channels, including blog, wiki, chat room, group, bookmarks, brand page on social networks, podcasT, web album, etc., onto all my publish sites, let them interlinked. there r many pains to finish the tasks, for quite some times i was under China surveillance and even its hacking methods. however, till now, i almost finished it. the linked websites including facebook pages, facebook groups, google groups, google sites. i will do the rest of work if occasionally logon to other sites my family owns, including diigo group, youtube group, plaxo group, meebo chat room.

my baby still in Beijing. tonight he buzzed in and talked with his mother. i heard his voice lacks energy, and the ugly grandma told him to say aside. its the 3rd of 4th day since his last appearance online. the grandma explained that the uncles who can open the computer to chat online both left their home to visit their friends, let the computer locked. i mist my baby deeply in these days. i loved to see him return. i pray to God that he is all right and intact in any situations.

its a bit late now, so i rush to finish. last night i busy with fine tuned my google groups till 11 pm, and this morning i had problem to get up and i slept on bed in the all morning. i don't know where my cyberspace presence leads to, but i work hard to build it to consolidate my will for democratic China and my 1109 years dynasty in the future.

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