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Saturday, August 23, 2008

baby in golden mid autumn

it has been weeks after baby returned from his Beijing journey with his grandma. he was sound on the day he returned, which let me relieved. last night the kindergarten teacher, a woman in family name Liu, visited our home and urged he to return to the kindergarten. baby admitted to return to kindergarten several days ago. these days he average hanged outside twice. last dusk, ema accompanied him in South Garden and i also went to see him. there is already an ugly old woman with her 6 years old grandson. the woman attempted to cover baby with her rubbish utters. i guarded baby who playing on the elastic bed with the boy and had to defend against the ill willed woman till baby left the bed to sliding board. after we arriving home, baby turned irritated and cried sometimes.

this afternoon we haunted there again. these time some grandpas there. i shot some photos of baby. later we haunted a islamic restaurant, for its the cheapest meal if u want meat. ema left for attending a party but soon returned for don't know the location of the party. we ate beef pies. i shot some other pictures there.

its a nice autumn. baby intact in any perished environment. God knows.

baby in golden mid autumn

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