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Thursday, September 18, 2008

so nice my utterli groups, God sees.

this morning got the news that utterz.com changed its domain, and offered new group function. my calendar also remind me to post utterance on utterz.com. dogs in the office recently bite heavily, restless pest me. so i launched to be less distracted. the site interface quite friendly, and i finished the task in about an hour. no hassle.  now my folks liked my web stream have another way to gather.
my utterli groups(u can email with the email address to post to the groups):
benzyrnill    web: www.utterli.com/benzyrnill    email:  benzyrnill@utterli.com
faezrland  web: www.utterli.com/faezrland     email:  faezrland@utterli.com
zhudajiu  web: www.utterli.com/zhudajiu     email:  zhudajiu@utterli.com

zhone  web: www.utterli.com/zhone     email:  zhone@utterli.com 
emake  web: www.utterli.com/emake     email:  emake@utterli.com
ChinaDemocracy  web: www.utterli.com/ChinaDemocracy     email:  ChinaDemocracy@utterli.com
beinzh  web: www.utterli.com/beinzh     email:  beinzh@utterli.com

warranzh  web: www.utterli.com/warranzh     email:  warranzh@utterli.com
warrantzh  web: www.utterli.com/warrantzh     email:  warrantzh@utterli.com
warwinzh  web: www.utterli.com/warwinzh     email:  warwinzh@utterli.com
wardzh  web: www.utterli.com/wardzh     email:  wardzh@utterli.com

emagarten  web: www.utterli.com/emagarten     email:  emagarten@utterli.com

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