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Sunday, October 05, 2008

baby in China National Day vacation

its the most prominant holiday in China. i love vacation so much. baby recently hating refered kindlegarten where he loathed to join, and he enjoyed so much at home with his parents. i slept a lot in the vacation, late sleeps, doze after bored by surfing, and lots of noon break. baby was brought by his mother hanged outside for several times, including his grandma’s home, supermarkets, and gardens. i still don’t know where i can find my ture love, and when i reviewed my love for my beloveds, i was so moved by the deepth and strongth. i don’t know where i can find my beloved, but God’s promised me my fate with pride and bright. these days bright autumn sunshine witness my faith in the immotal love, as well as my business in God’s shine.
From in China National Day vacation at home

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