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Sunday, November 09, 2008

bright day

these days i frequently engaged with something, so this weekends i dozed a lot while baby occupied pc with his cousins who tutored by ema at home. yesterday i reviewed my love for those beauties in my life and deeply felt beauty in God's settings. i also was touched by the strength in my love for beauties. my life had been waiting for them appear and stay in my life and grow with our leaving time. with the dusk in sight i still in hope to find my beloved and live her with new life. i committed in it.

this morning the sunshine outside of the window is very bright. baby enjoyed playing games with his cousins for more than an hour. they now works with ema and i decided to strike a blog entry after daily logging. i love my life, even it still in crisp temporary, and i always look forward to molding future, even the next day. i count my life with the valuable moments in my life with love and proud. i follow God's way and contented with what i had and to have.

bye, baby, my beloved. in every dark night i in search of ur scents. i in faith we will united in a family. bless u with God's promise.

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