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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

dog in China surveillance turned more active

dog these days hunting more closer. they broke into my icq&digsby account and hampered my using icq via digsby central management. they just tonight deleted my baby, warren's blog on icq.com, and its the second times. they frequently modifying my baby&my google profile avatars, each time after i changed according my will. they shits a lot around China and smug overseas these days.

its a long time for them surveillance my web activities. but now they felt they watched enough and started to mess up. they doomed to their death in the coming winter.

unrestrained abused power in China surveillance shown their rotten teeth. they doomed to fire lake in hell. God sees their angers, while their dictator sting&stir them.

this morning just in minutes after i corrected my profile description on icq.com on my page, they broke in and reset it again. they surely had something they can showily.

they deleted my baby, warren's icq blog at http://www.icq.com/…/414537728 for 3 times. and constantly let my browsers ill working.

they also likely broke into my office pc last night, for the pc's firewall this morning lost its configuration in its first cold boot. they don't hesitate to show me their brutality and bullshits.

what can compare to them? the hooligan employed by the hooligan dictator, the ccp. what deemed with their halm? they reveal the darkest moment before the dawn.

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