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Monday, December 01, 2008

refined ema's site logo. she also got her avatar

these day busy with designed family members' avatars. the photo-based avatar first requested by icq, with which i reclaimed some weeks ago. then i designed avatars for warren&myself. i quite contented with the results. yesterday ema shot some photos in her school activities, in which herself also got 3 profile photos, which suitable to make a avatar. so i launched this morning and after more than 2 hours i got what i felt satisfied. the backbone software is titled realdraw, its powerful function let designing logo a breeze.
now u can find our family member's avatar everywhere on the web, that's us.

i also retouched ema's site logo, emagarten, at http://emagarten.blogspot.com ,its design years old, in the period when ema want to build her site for her multimedia courseware, or any course teaching demonstration at that time popular in her school, and long time i felt need to refine it. now that i refined my site for my grand father, faezrland, this time i paid due attension to repolish ema's logo. ema now seldom interested in e-teaching, her school turned foolishly focus on cramming and scoring higher in exam. whole China undergraduation education deteriored to a rat race, which forever decreases the level of China education.
ok, now see my works for ema's cyber presence.

ema's avatar:

ema's site, emagarten's logo, version 2:

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