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Sunday, October 26, 2008

first snow of 2008 in Qiqihar


i felt peaceful after blogged yesterday. today its bright in the morning. i dreamed of God's way and baby echoed me in dream. i launched the pc, let it download then dozed again. the sky outside soon covered with dropping snowflakes. i busy with pc till snow stopped and sunshine melting snow gathered on the ground i started to shot it. its a nice day, even downloading speed let me boring. ema's pupils, including baby's cousins in law, arrived to student, and later played games with baby, including pc games. i dozed at noon and had no problem slept in daytime.

these days my throat frequently itches and let me cough a lot. i don't know what's wrong in it, but i guess its likely caused by drought in it. its very sensitive, each time i ate food with hard edges, like date i recent ate and liked, i can be in danger of let food sliding into breath channel and cough a lot. ema suggested i visit hospital but i still loathed.

its a nice dusk. baby suggested to dine out. even our purse is mean, we live in hope and harmony. that's my life here so far.

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