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Monday, February 09, 2009

happy Valentin day, baby got bathed, his mom got her new pmp, i got my new shoes from my missing beloved.

since last time i scorned his mom when we went to public bathroom, his mother refused to go to public bathroom with me. the old larger basin also broken. this time his mom bought a new basin and baby got chance to enjoy more water in bath.

we had a good time when baby bathing.

on last Saturday, we hanged Qiqihar Yibai supermarket, where baby son played in baby zone. i treated them with feature snacks of Chinese different places with aid from my kingdom. baby complained time too short even we lingered there for more than 2 hours.

update: this noon, i finally got my new shoes, exactly as i supposed, at a price of ¥70. the day before yesterday i haunted the Yibai supermarket with baby and his mom, with a budget of $100, i frustrated to found all shoes there costly, much costly than what i can expect nor afford. however, in this shop near my office, i got my favorite quickly, and with high satisfaction. baby's mom, ema, also got her first pmp she ordered about a week ago online.

its really a nice Valentin day. God sees my beloved got their gadgets and wearings. the sunshine brighten their beaming faces under the heaven sky.

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