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Monday, February 02, 2009

a busy day after lunar new year

in the morning i read some time to clear some awaiting feeds after a week in vacation. in the morning i used the ip of the department monitor and found its speedy when i uploaded my recent photos&video to my facebook, while other proxies within lan often errs-prone and lagging heavily. so in afternoon i doubting if i can make use of it with proxy to claim my recent namespace for my home town, zhudajiu, evading the China surveillance which blocked bothwordpress and livejournal and let me ill for quite some time. as soon as arrived in office after noon, i launched and found it working after tried some different proxies till a working one. then most of the afternoon busy with claiming 2 blogs, zhudajiu (my ancestor and first resident of my home town, a mountain village in central China), and dajiuzh, with wordpress and livejournal, after several weeks ago i built them with blogger.com. i did most and best customization with the 4 blogs, adding logo, widgets, sidebar and first blog entry.  dogs in the office, including the monitor and the hooligan facing me on desk, both complained my using their ips, which granted direct internet access in corporate lan while my was defied, when they absent. its just echo my last night dream, in which God shown me hooligans here around my family desparate for troubles that can cause me to worry. God, u also see my determination just before i woke up that i never tolerate hooligans and gansters.

this morning its shallowly snown, just to cleanse me of the dirty where i got in last night gathering in ema's relative's home, a family under surname Liu. i joined the party just to see my baby's free of ill wills around. there in the house its very sultry, but after arriving home i felt sore in my bone. another Liu, the resident understairs, knocked in just after we returned and talked with ema about her house's problem in aim to pursuad we took the responsibility of damage to her house. its just too dirty of the family name, Liu. in the night the hiden hooligans' exertion over my family dwelt in my dream and i really sawGod's shine over my Royal and my family name, zhu.

its also a bright sunny day. in the morning when i approached the office window to fetch myself a cup of water, i realized im so much being blessed. i doubting if i should shot some photo of the beautiful scene, but the ordinal city landscape hindered me. i really hope i can find more occasions to shot photos with my favorite camera, a FujiFilm FinePix s2000HD. i love it so much!

ok, now its the list of my loot today. i could see more robusty with my site building.
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