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Friday, February 27, 2009

the week sees family space adding new member sites

its another busy week. i tried best to spare some time to follow tech news i subscribed in my google reader but seldom it allowed. after feedback posterous about my asking for more blog titles and breaking its limit of 3 blogs for each user and in vain waited for reply in 2 days, i decided to register myself another account with the site. to fill in the available blog title gap under the new account, i found a new namespace for my cyberspace, zhuson, united US and China under God's shine. in the coming 2 or 3 days, i claimed the namespace from wordpress&livejournal&posterous&google sites&google groups. this morning, i spared some time to design it a logo, and felt quite satisfying, so i updated all publish channels with the new logo respectively. its too cozy to complain about trifle manipulations that needed aftermath.

i don't bother to trade blogs, equipped my family with blogs about 40 or more, but i love beautiful name and its space, its God's way. i longing hosting talks and negotiations in my public space or groups, with privilege of administration, but most inspiring me still is the versatile of voices and prosperous of opinions, nowhere in nowadays China to enjoy. i love foreseeing the working studio around people's, as well as the world's new needs and progress.

its a bright afternoon, as frequented these days. i love seeing bright sunshine and that's my mood here. see things right is me now.

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