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Monday, March 23, 2009

7th snow in lunar 2009, bright day next day.


baby watched movie.

snow on rim of window.

baby watched movie.

its weekend. but the gloomy morning let us at a lose. the tv shown the China authority, or the cadre group, is the only boss of Chinese enterprise. the anxious of being buried by the prevailing service of the cadre group in China for many millelliums haunted me, and sneered at me that ruling the mop was the same business everywhere, no difference between democracy and autocracy. the snow, the 7th in lunar 2009, started to snow near noon. i reviewed my beloved, and felt urgenter to meet them. i dozed and slept for more than 2 hours in the afternoon, while baby and ema gaming on pc. after woke up i got angry with ema for she recently seldom cook vegetables and my lips suffered&torn by drought, likely lack of green food or vitamin. but i know that's all God's settings, and nothing can harm me. after dinner, baby played games happily as usual. ema and me sometimes join him when he requested. the night was joyful. this morning i again dreamy and restless for urgency of urine. when i got up i found at once its brightly sunny. i was so consoled by her beaming face, that i picked camera at once after let pc downloading. i love my camera and my notebook, esp. the sunshine.

this morning i dreamed of my feet infected by 3 kinds of virus, a tall person likely help me. a swim pool likely in my dream.

last night my kid brother, who worked in south China and  with whom i asked for loan for  my second game notebook, almost refused me by suggesting my applying expense card from bank. i know my request in God's view.

today its a bright sunny day. i took some photos of gaming baby and the brightness and its shadows. 

update: last night baby's cold got severer, and heat attacked him in the night. ema went outside lately to buy white wine and applied to baby's body to decrease his heat. this morning already sees the brightness of the sunshine. God with my Royal.

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