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Monday, June 01, 2009

bright days.

stream in front cannel of the village.
From Still lifes (3) ∑ hometown journey
duck family in front cannel stream of the village.

its has been near a week since my last post. in these week i customized my windows boot screen and logon interface, and tried to update baby's desktop in Qiqihar. i also fine tuned my family facebook accounts, adding openid service, fit logos of my groups and pages there. also i claimed new sites from google sites, ie. sites for my girl zhou, like http://sites.google.com/site/gozhous/ ,http://sites.google.com/site/godzhous/ ,for my baby's mother, ema, like http://sites.google.com/site/emagarton and http://sites.google.com/site/emagartom , i also fine tuned my family accounts at plaxo, adding logon with facebook connect, claimed family accounts at yahoo profiles, which substitutes old yahoo blog system yahoo 360. i also created a profile for my cyber enterprise, be21zh.org, in title bebazh, for facebook don't allow number in user name. i customized my family twitter accounts with new background images i designed, after learning from other twitters' background. for diigo refused updating my imported bookmarks for several months, i tried to create a new diigo account to import my local bookmarks again, but after some delay just after imported, it again lost my import and bookmarked nothing. i guess China surveillance likely controlled my all diigo accounts and locked them up. diigo is a Chinese enterprise based in US, while heavily rely its team in western China. anything u trust to Chinese in mainland would be a mistake, for mainland Chinese is mostly a betrayal, they born after cleanse too weak to be good. i direct message and also feedback via page to the company, but never got a reply.

the long drizzle days passed, which likely brought some drain to south China while the northern China suffered drought. i later realized that Masheng letting girl  on duty. i quite enjoy the rains, even mostly i busy online and seldom talk with it. i love girl  even i now can't figure out how is like when i live with her aside. the rainning days let me stayed all time at home and engaged till exhaust. now its a bright morning, its 2 or 3 days after the same weather. i enjoy working in the open air on my dad's front yard in bright light and breezes. its temperature really nice, to let u best fit. last dusk i realized that my broadband here was offered by Masheng, and she did company me all these days before i returned hometown. i beg Masheng sooner join me and take care of my life in garden, in her garden.
here China surveillance tighten rein with crazy, lots of sites blocked deadly, failed most web proxies. some sites accessible last day, like yahoo profiles, scribd.com, etc, with which i can draw a conclusion with safe that the ban list on China Internet gateway tailored for me, and the China Internet cop monitor my web activities and steal my web form submissions real time. 

ok, its a bit wasteful to utter about the evil in China. God's day to cleanse it never changes. i look forward to my ancestor's fond over it can boost it better in coming world conflicts and starve.

here is my sites recently claimed.

on vodspot.tv:
zhuson, united US and China under God's shine
songdod, song for God, on and forever
beinzh, burning people in destructive nationgozhous, God over US and Japan and China

on google sites:
gozhus, shares God's shine between US and China
godzhous, God's love among nation of US, Japan, and China
godzhus, God shines over US and China
emagartendreamthatflies | emagarten
emagartom, sunshine kills
emagarton, dream blossoms

on yahoo profiles:
benzillar | benzradi
be21zh.org | be21zh
zhudajiu | zhudajiu
zhuson | zhuson@ymail
zhusis | zhuson
emakingir | emakingir
emagarten | emagarten
warrenzh | flickr
warrendzh | warrentzh
warranzh | warranzh
warrenzhu | flickr
warrinzhu | warrenzeu

on facebook:
Beba Zh

on diigo bookmarks user:

benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
QQ: 570503557



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