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Thursday, November 08, 2012

shiny start over decaying delay.


pale morning. ^ this dawn I had a long dream, in which my 2nd elder sister gossiped with me, teasing daughter and son of our eldest brother's. after getup, I reviewed 2 professors, both dog, still in Nankai Univ, where I was abused when I sought degree there. this week I first time in the winter put on woolen pants and felt well. yesterday Obama won his 2nd session as American President and today sinful CCP open its 18th national party congress. God, u let us endure and see through the devil's play. God, we all look forward to ur choice, no matter how harsh it was. God, grant me let go my worn out shoes, grant my son a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader in year end 2012! these days I was buffeted by foreseeable weakening economy in PRC, God, save my Royal China among blizzard upon sinking PRC sieged by ghost of Marxism, or spies of Russian. God, bring me sooner my Royal China!


dreamed of Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan. ^ I blog it at 4:49AM: I clearly dreamed of Asoh, my 2nd wife from Japan, with who we study politics in Nankai Univ together for a year back to 2000 or so when I pursued master degree there. Asoh in dream very kind to kid, esp our son. she really got me home in dream. God, u witness how I honored. thx, God dad.


dreamed again my troubled campus. ^ dreamed in dawn I got already passport for master degree. for discreet I didn't bring it with me when I was accompanied by my good friend (my dearest son? ) and my kid brother visiting Wuhan University, where I was enrolled. the campus quite big and crowded and I inspired by my campus life in veiw. but unfortunately we blocked by administrator of master degree candidates dorm, who asked to check in my passport. that was quite frustration, but better than my haunting nightmare that my academic record went bankrupted. Its to be a sunny morning. God, thx for the vivid dream.


dreamed of playing harmoniously with son.^ recently too many beautiful moments with my son immersed in pc games, also more exhausted on bed before getup. this dawn dreamed in my hometown village, zhudajiu, where son of my cousin's wedding ceremony holding. our family blood related even but hatred &disgust thicken between. the bride insisted counting on me and my kid brother while the bridegroom resentful to us. later dreamed my son with me trying tighten loose cogs with toolbox I gathered from online shopping and reward of a voluntary blood donation, with my lead. Its almost first time my son so harmoniously accompanies me without my notice. we really enjoy our gatherings more and more in the Autumn and winter. God, bring me my Royal China soon, grant my son a ebook reader. in this early morning I bestow ur promise, dad.


dreamed of the new Nobel literature winner.^ last afternoon I saw my son returned from his mom's hometown journey and fine, after waited near 2 hour outdoor. we played games. I told my son my salary decreased this month and urged him to be prepared for coming hard time in Chinese economy. we showered and relaxed. this dawn dreamed of the first record Nobelist literature, Moyan (means no say or no disclose literally in Chinese), the disgusting bureaucracy and star propaganda of CCP, from lying and shamelessly conceited PRC. in dream he chased & threaten crowd, likely inc me in dream, in aiming not to uncover his dark records or history of his life. Its a sunny morning now, God, grant us an elegant life, esp. enjoyable food &dinner, grant my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, bring me sooner my Royal China and prosperous Royal China!


dreamed of Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan.^ son's mom this noon brought him to join a marriage celebration in her hometown. I felt sleepy, and dozed after trying busy some time. dreamed of Asoh Yukiko attending me. she is so courteous. her mother and my mother also appeared in dream. the dream last quite some time but when I setup to blog it, its vivid avoids me now. its a sunny day, esp. the afternoon when I napped. God, grant my son a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. bring me my Royal China, and my sons and daughters.


1st snow in winter 2012. ^ It drizzled since last noon. I ate full in QRRS canteen &satisfied. then I visit son as scheduled. his school breaks in Tuesday afternoon. the rain wet my shoes and baptized me. my son and me made proud progress in game "borderlands 2". in the night returned to my dorm, I thanks given in reviewing, from Heaven, from my son. the night I enjoyed watching American TV series, in which sound American law system demonstrates so detailed &clear. in dawn dreamed my family and my passed father, God in Heaven now. I likely at least have 4 daughters, 2 sons & a grandson in the age in the dream. we had a business, selling something on the street. my grand father cared my grandson, who is so lovable, kindly. &this morning when son's mom called in about her wireless mouse, I found snow covers roofs outside. last night I peeked through window, found snowflake but can't image a snow weather, nor 1t snow in Oct, 2012. It's harvest season, God, bring me sooner my Royal China, grant my son a kindle paperwhite ebook reader. God, see me my girls praying for me, for our promised future!

From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
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