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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

loving is the Sun.


beautiful weekends. ^ last weekends sees growth of my son's dexterity and mental strength. he cried twice for burden too heavily under limelight when we played badminton in southern park near his mom's house, where herd of leisure people gathered in sunset. I told him be strong, and also saw my space to train his sports like badminton. his mom more and more bitter in losing and revenge, turns more insane against my reunion with my son. but not all starry scenes below us. last dusk a tall man, a gay dog, approached us when my son finished badminton with me and rest along the tablet for lost Chinese against Japan's invasion half century ago, trying babble with us while his real intention is to profane my son, by almost facing my son directly like a seasonal bitch. we didn't welcome him and least replied him who brag his grandson's badminton skill trained by him. my son later had to climb to higher rim of the tablet to shift the bitch's dirt. we made friends among kids there played and sometimes played with us. God, these days I determined to accept cloudy days as blessing. God, dad, u show me the bliss affirmatively in last night's drizzle, after a cloudy afternoon. God, dad, thx so much. free my Royal China humiliation, keep us intact among insane PRC. God, dad, clearer is see our promised future, esp upon new land of Japan and China here and upper. God, this sunny morning means so much in our positive.


dreamed of police.^ dreamed in dorm in Nankai Univ., where I later found my radio, and a camera or video editor worth 2000 bucks or more, stolen. my alumni, Yuncaigui, a guy now still in asylum in Tianjin near our campus, or Chencao, a guy from my hometown and referred previously in my blog, tried to calm me and discussed how to deal with it. we visit police office downstairs when they having meeting. a policeman left, likely deal the case but later found intact. after inquest he told me I was recorded as mad and not allowed to sue. I had to ask somebody else to report my loss. I felt the absurd of the rule and deep dark water behind state security. last dusk I visited my son with rechargeable battery for our new wireless k/m combo and played video game with it. I also bought him KFC. its so nice a gathering that I felt assured from Holy. God, dad, sinful eyes fix on my Royal China. God, dad, fix any problem upon ur son's family. bring me sooner my girls and sons and daughters to seed our land. thx u, dad.


dream of the only lost life of my Nankai alumni. ^ in dawn dream we graduated &packing to leave the campus. when I fetching my package from dorm where some sophomores chatting, my lower berth classmate, Xiao Jingdong, who committed suicide years ago in hard living with his parents tired to support him so long, grinned to me when I offered him fruits. lots of funs, also dreamed of burden of academic, during graduation. Its a sunny morning. God, last night moon is second newest in the month. promise me to allow me accompany my son heartedly, anxious free. Dad, I saw ur promise, and continue support. thx, God dad.


dreamed of smart people.^ in dawn dream Warren Buffett befriended me, dined together &told me about successful investment. later dreamed of a guy in Zhudajiu, nephew of a smart bureaucrat referred in my previous blog, with whom I urged advantage of freelancer, when I searched out for my kid brother, or kid I deeply concerned, who evaded me for my carelessness over him. I found him in a play house where he just slept in a closet uncomfortable and fed him with food I brought. It snowed yesterday, and still cloudy this morning. I love the fresh air after rainy snow. God, u know how I look forward joys ahead. bring me sunny time when I live with my girls under Royal China.


dreamed of campus life with my son, warrenzh.^ this dawn dreamed a lot. dreamed with my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲,in Nankai Univ. where our school in military training. my once girl friend, a Liu in family name, with whom I kept love relation for more than 2 years and broke up in junior, revenged me and not allow my son in our queue close to me when we had rally lesson. most of my alumni watched it with smile. my heart full of proud with my son who is so cute. sometimes my son's mom turns his mom, emakingir in dream instead of the Liu. we likely trained to encounter dangers. the day before yesterday I loaned to buy my son a short white keyboard included in a combined wireless pack with mouse, for my son recently interested in keyboard pc games, like "Torchlight 2". we both glad with the gift. last dusk I visited him. his mom brought him outside to try scooter, my son almost mastered it. I shot some photos when they played in the nearby garden. his mom kept him busy with homework quite some time before we played "Torchlight 2", but we finally got touch the co-op video game near 7pm. we immersed in surprises and actions. God, when I can have another larger LED TV for our video game. dad, bring me sooner my Royal China and my other sons and daughters!

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

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