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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

gorgeous season.


dreamed of bastard cousin.^ due to the coming hometown tour, this dawn I dreamed of my cousin, a long time bureaucracy after being dean of local elemental school for years. he is very sinful, cheating &coward in front of VIPs while bully the common, and made fortune in the poor village. I dreamed he want spoil my hometown plan with all means he has access. later he summoned his 3rd son and his only hope, to block our journey. the young beast did many bad things trying ruin our happy tour. last dusk I visited my son, who was brought by his mom to dine steaks. the rain started since I waited outside of her house and it kept me an hour watching the feast of nature before I reunited with my son. there I first time scrutinized price of our flights: more expensive than my impression before. my son's mom queried the loan supporting the tour and at a loss in her bitter competition with me for gifted. my son played alone video game while I studied online. after returned to dorm, my anxious on uncertainty or failure in tour turns clear: we only need 2 hotel nights in Harbin, capital of our province, then we wouldn't miss any plane either Harbin nor Wuhan, ie. we need another ¥1000 until we enjoy the travel graceful and enjoyable. God, dad, grant us a smooth tour to allow my son familiar with his old father family. bring me sooner my Royal China to homeland my relatives. thx God.


dreamed of hero's sadness. ^ in dawn dream, I was a lonely hero, trying to protect his son and concerned. there r many brutal enemies hunting after him, fought me with herds of gangsters. a short bad guy leading them, his weapon is a short sting or dagger. the sadness of the hero, his love to his baby son, his kind to the world around him, is immortally large. but conspiracy of dark personnel was so huge that drove the hero in bloody &savage exiles. its all like a movie, so doomed that woke me up and see God's saves in every lives that's true and meaningful. I pray God's mercy upon heroic people in sinking PRC, among sinful small Chinese. pray God that life is gorgeous after all hardness and harshness and intact in exists or survives.
this week meaningful for me. I finally got loan aids my hometown tour with my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe. he will 2nd time visit his grandpa's house after 5 years, &his dad's relatives in Hubei, central China. its really nice to see helping hands among my alumni, elite people in wellbeing and kind heart listening necessary of other ones of less fortunate. God, thx for I was allowed live with u, in faith and settled, with thoughtfulness and hopes. God, thx for ample rains in this summer, which revitalized my memories of hometown weather in central China. God, thx ur affirmative. gospels in birds' song so chimes clear that Heaven more subtle and glamorous. God, dad, see us in coming journey homestay and anxious free.


dreamed of hell academy again.^ last night first time in summer 2013 slept without covering quilt. dreamed in dawn in campus near term end exam. while all pals busy with preparing exam, I updated my son's and mine 2 dell notebooks, IE. video drivers, network interface card drivers. the mentor warned me but seemingly tentatively allow my loosing upon the tightened reign, in bad will or good one's. I hated universal reign, like exams, so determined that I was separated by it from my pals. the nightmare must be put down. yesterday one of my alumni, of both senior middle school and university, buzzed me and we talked about our shared history and current situation. I first time reviewed my falling into asylum in my broken heart love in NanKai Univ back to 1999. God, I felt more secured with bond with my pals. my son sensed my high mood and refused to accompany me but played video game "monopoly" with his mom, who soon brought him haunt dusk market elsewhere and let me empty hand in return. in dorm garden I rambled more time than usual, echoes of my utterance in my heart allow me watch God's mercy in my fate, inc moments I distressed. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my children. uphold my son's linkage with his saint mother in Japan. God, Asoh Yukiko, address me to break curses upon my love and my girls. thx God, in this brilliant sunshine.


dreamed of flying again.^ in dawn dream with some kids in my hometown village, Zhudajiu. they reluctant to offer title I deserved and upset me, so I launched to surf the air, like swimming in the water but in air. my nephews and neighbor kids played together and sometimes makes me smile. Its a busy week and so grateful. my once and long time employer, QRRS again paid me low, only ¥1900, I had to ask help from my alumni in Hubei Province. its a meaningful chat before I got loan from those senior middle school alumni, I disclosed my life style, my family, my viewpoint and prospect. in the end, they not only loaned me amount I begged, but additional 500RMB, total ¥1500! its really a big gift, even I spent all in next day. we got our game gears replacement, treated together monthly in toast buffet, fruits &dico's dinner I promised my son, and so on till we exhausted in elation of meeting end of plans. its also meaningful in coincidence in my hometown, where a sinful woman, my aunt, died on Friday. she and my uncle had so long in bitter jealous to my old family, my heroic father, God in Heaven now. my son's mom, the cheap dwarf, still pompously desperately challenged me in front of my son, stupid like a mule. yesterday she cheated, claiming they will travel to hot spring spa, but in fact the bitch bastard let her dirty and sinful mother bring my son went to journey while she stayed at home. she never deserves mother of my son, nor anyone. she is so cheap! only testifies God places parents on my own over my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe. thx, God, dad, so nice this morning sunshine. grant us smooth tour to my kid brother in southern China in August, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my son and children arriving.

From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze
From 2013 in gaze

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