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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

morning star on my brother.


dreamt of kid brother in growing up.^ these weeks somewhat busy. my son got cold again but hopefully not too severe. I treated him dicos dinner when I visited him on Saturday. reviewing my time with my son, woz, Hope of China, God of Universe, always full of joy and grace. this dawn I woke up early, in the quilt my kid brother recently bought me online. then it turned a sleepy morning. I dreamt returning our hometown village, Zhudajiu, with our mom, my kid brother. my brother made some living himself, but not enough in my view. he was eager to prove him self-relying. we passed a house whose owner was long time Communist party's cadre and managed collective assets of the village, say barn, dam,etc decades. his elder son was first graduate among offspring of Zhudajiu, but not same as prestigious as my university, Nankai Univ. I was the second graduate in the village. the cadre's 2nd and last son unable to campus, living partially under his brother's help. his elder brother majored computer, he setup a business selling computer in the town, mean but domineer. he wanted, in the dream, to employ my kid brother to sell dates for him. I didn't feel fit for my brother's new job and attempted to persuade him rebuff it. but my kid brother in bitter his futile inherits and disobedient. he tattooed a colorful date on his arm and training physically all time for coming tasks. he lives hard and needs positive support from his kins but I as his dearest brother didn't offer. my mother and I felt sorry for his silent complaints. my grand father put most cherished education in me and turned old. so my kid brother sometimes inquiries my coach on life. now he ran himself a small business in southern China. he knew I still put too many burdens, bigger anticipation on his shoulders. he don't want to disappoint me but his environment is harsh, in the failing PRC survives sins. God, dad, this wonderful morning I saw our family bond. feel free to enlighten my subconsciousness. dad, coming weekends my son will reunite me in happy time, rid me anxious upon budget. enrich my credit card life in an booming entrepreneur's role.bring me sooner my Royal China to lead the eastern Asia, to settle Japanese new habitat, for love and brotherhood on promised new land northern and saintly sealed. thx, dad Heavenly.


dreamt of being hacker. ^ dreamt in a hacker team including 2 youth and a woman core hacker. we in a road rush after corporate intelligence property protection lawyers. we, esp the woman, being almost cracked the only core universal license protected dll file, with which all property softwares will unlocked and free. confronted with threats we in end of the road likely finally withdrawn, from been captured or prison. those days sinking PRC busy hard to extinguish news and press in the tyrant country. 163.com's microblog, I heavily relied news source, after recent many times intervened, finally broke down. there is no authentic news source in China nowadays, now media also goes scattered. endless and boundless darkness prevails the nation as a freak outcome Russian Red Revolution, in its short evil life. the only monopoly social network within, qq.com, long time partner of throughout surveillance of PRC official, soon will shut down its web version of im, forced anyone refuses its espionage client software, offline. God's world gathering silent power to overturn the dark iron curtain casted over pestered land including China mainland. its a generation of praying for salvage, craving for seasonal wind to bring rains for thirsty, for cultivating. last weekend my son invited me join video game, heavy fire:shattered spear, and we crashed through last mission. his mom tentatively left him with me till 6pm, while I usually return dorm for 5pm supper. after returned she pompously ordered me and my son. a cheating person like that let me sad, sad for my son needs wits to judge the fake and fraud. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to shield my children, bring rains and soils to grow foundation of larger vision of unified brave new world of democratic and Christian, of peace and just. thx, dad, God.


dreamt of Cortana. ^ yesterday I visited my son in dusk to sent him new xbox gamepad we ordered online, after 2 gamepads and will more players in local co-op game mood. I treated my son dicos dinner to celebrate hard waiting of the gear, which delivered 2 days later than Amazon China's precast. I told my son anxiousness upon the dining out during hard economy, after recent 2 new domains' purchase aided by my relatives who yet not in 100 precent sure. I waited more than an hour before my son finished his homeworks under his mom's custody and picked our new gamepad. he tried borderland 2 and concluded perfect user experience with the new gamepad. then we watched episode, the Simpsons, together. I held my son in arms for warmth. the night the moon is full and cloudy. the last bus satisfied me very much, as I anticipated willful. in dorm, I watched American TV series, broken sisters and refreshed. too much talks about sex puzzled me, why nowadays people in US like talking more than actual do sexually. in dawn I dreamt using Cortana, Microsoft's virtual voice commander. I dreamt rape, abuse against her, the intelligent robot. Its a sunny morning. God, dad, today I will receive my credit card bills. help me cope deficit in my life with so many joys. so many bliss assured my faith of holy grace. God, allow me follow ur guide tighter and dauntless. bring me sooner my Royal China to cater my children's need, to be complete in a family, in Royal China. thx, dad.


2nd snow. ^ this week extremely busy. I booted up guts and claimed 2 last domains I planned in 2 months. now I almost settled them open for visitors interested in my world view. they r agarten.in for my wife, dabbog.com for my first cyberspace id with google back to 2002 or so far.financial hardness hindered me and put me in preparing them for months, risking stealth stock purchase before my reach for bargain, so after bought it from godaddy and google domains each, its prompt to publish them. all works r familiar for me but still days in the week I bound in computer chair for more than 10 hours to nail bugs down and polish sites up. during the period I totally muted from my son, after China surveillance likely hacked my mobile and let some daily tools on it, like social communication, agenda, unstable. now its Saturday, in dusk I will go over to see my most beloved son, woz. in dawn dreamt my son first found a python attacked me on my neck. its so terrifying that I woke up immediate. then dreamt playing video games with son and other family members. I found I can trained game character via voice commands. so I excitingly busy with voice commanding a game likely "Chicken Little", put my son also trying to cling to it aside. after I got up, a blessing white world outside affirms good day today. I have the cause to blog for the bitterness before family 16th and 17th domains determined while pending to join us. God, all tasks upon public action u promised me done, and I indebted and in debt of new nearly ¥5000 to write off. ensure granted loan comes in time, dad, and bless my adventures future. bring me sooner my Royal China, in a way positive. inspire me in new decades for the emerging Empire of China under my title to plow deep in global mind. thx dad God, in this first morning silent of November 2014.

Photo Description: QRRS 4th dorm under construction: near winter building postponed, left crane and materials in bare stand lofty under clear sky.
Photo Description: snowing street when benzrad went for his lunch in a small restaurant. thx God, this winter likely a warmer one.

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