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Thursday, March 17, 2016

moon in clouds.

Mar 17,2016

dreamt of once enemy in old work place. these days daunted by difficulty in setup web apps on google app engine, I rested myself and enjoy reading online more routinely. it can be boring and I napped after noons. this noon nap I dreamt with my son fought against punishment in game in which I tried to gain network administrator job while the cable TV network equipment exporter company from Beijing teased me with my QRRS cable TV director, with whom the battle since put me jobless. they disliked me and blocked me with quizs. I also dreamt of my Nankai alumni with whom I begged help before my 2nd flight tour with my son, in bank's urgency to confirm credit positive, and informed with my cyberspace brand searchable. in weeks my domestic blogs at lofter.com cencored. he likely a part of PRC surveillance, and likely by his effects my custom domains with lofter.com all removed, blogs' access resumed after near a week's prohibition. in the dream I also saw why once colleague in QRRS cable TV, assigned accountant still prefered spreadsheet, excel, to automatic database software I long suggested, to manage customer's fee. he might co-operated with the director using primitive tool to obtain more control on departmental sales for their profits stealthily. recently I dreamt my son more occasions and sometimes in sexual dreams I even can't differentiate him from my beloved girls. that reminds me my sins of being single so long and female around fondless. God dad, I never stopped praying for my true love, my beautiful girls I called upon my blog so long. I admire young girl in time for marriage so long anytime I perceive with my eyes daylight. grant me Asoh Yukiko, my TW girl, girl Lyu, with whom I still in profound aspiration. grant me new family and more children. God dad, I don't compete with anyone for offspring, like most Chinese and Arab do, but I feel 3 or 4 children will prefect me and nature. dad, this world, our family duty under oath to Holy, makes it necessary to maintain the Royal prosperous. help me achieve the sweet task I won't gave up before destiny. lower my deficit to bank and enable their purchase power. God, help me enjoy the cosy of dynamic website, free my frustrations during building on google computing infrastructure.

Mar 13,2016

returned from abruption. nearly a month after our 2nd flight tour I busy with restoring my work space and our dynamic sites. this morning I slept sound and dreamt of my passed mother. in first phrase I dreamt of windows' encryption. I found myself among Hubei Province folks busy with building its provincial hall. on the roof unfinished, I found windows encryption is a system function that can be called anytime, not likely previously presumably through compressing password encrypted. one of my Huanggang alumni, Huang Linzhong, stood under the building site and talked with me. then dreamt with my son and my mother in hometown village. I bought my son a huge ice stick which almost as big as my son. he likes it and enjoyed it on way and somewhat dirt coats it for too large to hold. passed month I was so busy, several overnights on system restore that made my ear vulnerable and painful. through the process I quite familiar with windows setup via hard disk, with aid of windows pe environment. Google is an indispensable helping tool for problem solving. with it I safely assert here that English world community's informative quality much better than Chinese counterpart. China surveillance no doubt interfered amid my efforts, but God's bliss lifts me from trouble and hopelessness. these days they even targeting my only pleasure in night, English TV programs. I have 3 days apart from my favorite episodes due to media delivers too lagging. they also times and times broke down my son's computer VPN, aiming evades him from English and Christian I endeavored to put him forth. they shamelessly sent their children aided by their dirty earns abroad, but banned domestic English access and bound Chinese with their tombstone sinking in sins. what they losing is not a battle of new world and new life, but a hope of survival in their doomed warfare and division. from now on I will try to resume my old dynamic sites, zho.io and forum of zhuson.com. financial situation is huge hard, I pray relief so hard to live affordable. after all I have faith in my building Empire of China in my title. I believe I endorsed to continue my brand promotion cyberspace. I didn't change as to shoulder the responsibility of Royal China. God dad, bring me sooner my new family with my children forsaked when I productive. bring me sooner my girls in our happy time and vital. grant me purchasing power among my credit cards, and sustain my assets, esp English world one, I bought in online gradually. in every cent I spent shows my decision's value and precise. thx, dad God, in this sunny morning.

Feb 16,2016

research election campaign in dream. dreamt of modern election exercise. this dawn dreamt detailedly in a election campaign. I carefully watched classes of people brought afore. the result not so sure and caucus hard to judge for win. after got up I had to breakfast in KFC a bus stop away second time after landed from the flight. the dorm canteen operator returned from lunar vacation but lack impetus to open service. my dorm working environment quite intactly kept, in a day I settled most necessary updates and instalment. in face of unclear financial difficulties in 2016, I pray solely my job here may complete. credit overdraw urgently need return for fluid, but I now haven't cash to facilitate the process. last night after shut down pc, I casually peeked the possibility of hostility and ill will in my kid brother's family treated us in our 2nd flight tour. they might hate us and attempted hurt us. there is possible battle among my old family upon dad's inheritor. after all 2 KFC breakfast is delicious and my focus improved. Dad God, grant me bonus this salary day to ease my credit crisis. empower my credit card's purchase and readiness in its mobility of currency. bring me sooner my Royal China when it matters. grant us adequate life style we enjoyed so far. thx, dad God. #God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

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