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Thursday, September 28, 2006

cloudy in morning,sunny afternoon.

i woke up at 7:55 am and got up at 8:40.it was cloudy then,hardly any sunshine.i went to see my baby son at once.when i arrived he slept in the arms of the old woman who was watching tv.so i launched to update my pda with two softs,pocket earth and chess,and backup again.first time backup failed indicating infecting.then the old woman went to gerocery and locked the door too loud to wake my son up.i held him in arms to let him continue his sleeping and also attempting to operate on my pda,that woke my baby soon up.but i finished backup in time and started to let my son play with what he liked to play with.then his mother returned and told me our baby last night had problem to sleep and his mother had to hold him in arms to let him sleep.he got a little bit cold now,sneezed and running nose.i just consoled my wife take it ease for she condemned its my fault to let him sleep outside the day before yesterday.when we finished our lunch my baby irregular so we couple decided to hold him out in advance.we went to icbc bank to withdraw money from my salary card to deposit fix term for our baby's education,according to quicken's arrangement of financial plan.we each deposit 200 yuan a month for his college education.waiting his mother operating in the bank i hold my son to the nearby gercery shop to buy him a bottle of juice and a ice stick for my baby turned irritated by a nearby islamic restaurant.his mother got angery as soon as catching sight of the ice stick and left abrupt.but that not daunted us,we in fact ate 3 ice stick in the afternoon,spoilt 2 bottle juice and a bottle of water.when i waved the swing with my baby on my neck soon after his mother left,he slept on my neck.i at once move to sunshine in basketball yard and strode back and forth within the yard.soon some illwilled aged sat on the edge of the yard and loudly urged me to return to home.for my baby on my neck i can't reply and they started to curse me.they woke up my baby 2 times but i determined to ignore these human's dirty willes and rest in god's dome.when they cursed me with pretended authority's tone i left to avoid.we walked on another lane of the sports yard and my baby still slept on my neck till a middle aged woman asked to lend me a hand to shift my baby down but i refute and likely she exerted illwill behind us and let my baby wake up.
after all its a nice afternoon.we had good time in south garden.my son let me pennyless.but i still ate a banquet with a fish and beer at dinner in the common.
under attack now.
bye.kiss u with placation.i love u,with placation again.last night i buzzed my old father in my hometown in a mountain village in eastern of hubei province and promised paying him a visit as soon as i being with u.sure he will see the day.

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