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Saturday, September 30, 2006

sunny day but indoor clean posts.

last night i check up my posts in blogs on my pda till 1:00 am.the neighbor hooligans stayed waiting after i went to sleep.they let my pda hanged 3 or more times.today i got up after 10 am.and headed to see my baby after lunch.the old woman held my baby outside letting me busy with sorting the cleaned posts.later my son's mother returned with our son and the old woman with fruits dispatched by her school.my baby started to not to operate on pc.he insisted played with household utensils and mess a lot.i had a shower in the public bathroom after his mother returned.and even its late i changed to a cafe near my baby's home to surf to avoid the dogged cafes near the dorm.
bye.i love u.today i frequently felt ur hostility, i don't know if it comes from u or manipulated by dogs.seemingly light only in the end of the tunnel.kiss u with sunlight.

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