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Saturday, December 30, 2006

perfect sunny day

last night i went to bed after 0:17 am.i dreamed a lot but after my baby’s mother buzzed in inquiring my password for my salary book from icbc i forgot them totally.the salary book with icbc again lost its magnetism,likely another plot of dog to hide their evil.i got up at 12:29 and headed to see my baby at once.outside of the entrance of the home i met his mother leaving,telling me she had carried my baby visiting the bank once and the password i told her miss working.she returned to home with me and left again after i told her right password.my baby welcomed me.i ate some banana with him and he played some time with tap water and torch.the kid sister slept in the room for my baby.after the grandma arrived i left to shower in the common bathroom.a piece of paper pasted on the door of the bathroom saying the association of bathroom of the city demand bath price increased to 4 yuan per man.but i was charged 2.5 yuan as usual.returned home i soon held my baby to haunt outside to buy him candy as i promised.my baby directed me passed the sports yard where we stayed awhile and talked to 3 little girls who rested on the rim of the ice ground.then we headed to the supermarket nearby,likely a affiliate of islamics and hostile toward us before.on the way my baby asked me to buy him a stick of sugar gourd and enjoyed it at once.he also played awhile on the sliding board within the residential area.i bought him 3 kind of candy costing me near 20 yuan,knowing i will gain 700 yuan from qrrs,my once working place.then we returned.my baby enjoyed the candy and jelly very much at home.soon his mother returned and condemned candy harmful to his teeth.the grandma prepared dinner and her second daughter buzzed in and she left.the kid sister complained a lot about her medcines and let my baby’s mother to read the readme of the bottles.under my urge,they started to dinner.2 dishes,including a soup which i liked.my baby’s mother made a lot of demand to let me leave but i didn’t.she also read the bonus dispatching sheet from her colleague and at a lose finding some of my once workmates earned 5000 yuan this time and sneered at me.when we started to watch tv on 2006 review the kid son of the kid sister returned and watched aside me and challenged.my baby laughed a lot with playing with standing on the lofty mat and stepped down.i really love him.when his mother started to scorn me again,he was milked to sleep.i waited till he slept.
its a nice day.the sun perfectly bright.the sky is blue.the moon appeared before it turns dark,in the mid sky,faultlessly.my baby pointed to her quite sometimes on the way to the supermarket.i love her the moon.
bye.i love u.in peace and still.kiss u with bear.

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