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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ordinary sunny day

last night in the cafe was terrible.dog again practice its dirty trick to control the keyboard and router data package filter to trouble my posting and surf a lot.the pc hanged a time.they likely got mad in method these days,after times and times failed against me.returning to the dorm i read my blog on my pda till 2 pm then slept.i dreamed of 2 interpreters, a man and a female.after 1 pm i was alarmed by the phone from my baby's mother,to imformed me to register our divorce to the civil office.i left at 1:10 pm.i rode there by bike and my baby's mother alone waited there and we moved to its new office location near the district government.there we were rebut for we didn't bring residential book.when we returned the home our baby just held by the grandma and the aunt playing on the ground.my baby rushed to his mother but seemingly ignored me.i waited in front of the ground door awhile then upstairs to meet his mother and met her just outside of her door.there we registered our divorce and my baby's mother made note on the document that i gave up all property and my baby to her.i was let to fill the form first but when i reluctant to write our accord she pick it up and i told her that i left my house deposit within qrrs,my once workplace,to her,and all my owning except my monthly expense of 300 rmb.she weep when we waited for our divorce registry,which numbered like "0100700100" or "00100700100",etc. on the way home we shopping grocery.i bought my baby some candy of worth 7 rmb.returning home i moved some missing files onto my pda and imported family email list to the thunderbird of my baby's mother's notebook,as she once inquired.then we played with our baby.i sang sometimes.the liu kept watching tv as usual.the old sister busy with cooking.they first time cook steam bread,with which i ate 4 without any dishes.my baby's mother ate 2 aside me.on dinner the liu ate after we finished and he insisted eating rice,which was remnant of lunch and there was few.after dinner the aunt family gathered in their room and my baby played there for some time,sitting on the back of the kid son laying himself face down.later we played in our bedroom,his mother played with him with hide-and-see in the curtain.my baby laughed a lot and i kiss him a lot.his mother got angry when i sang but later rejoiced.after my baby milked to sleep,i kiss my baby's mother's forehead and told her to be sure of our bright future and left.i told her i will take an apple with me but i forgot it when i coated and left.arriving the dorm i headed here immediately and busy with correcting my blogs till now to write u.www.diigo.com did batch posted my posting,but dog likely invaded in with their messing and my blogs missing some posts and i had to costly amended them.

bye.i miss u everyday. i need u in every moment when i was alone.i love u like the sheer right.kiss u with beer.

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