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Saturday, February 10, 2007

blunt sunny day

last night in the cafe was gliding of time, at a cost of 4 rmb.returning to the dorm its near 0 am and i read awhile my blog on pda till 1:30 am and went to bed.dog around spying concentrating and let me cost some time to settle down.i stayed awake for some time before i got up at 2:22 pm.then i walked around the front open space of qrrs,there were still sunshine on the ground.returning to the dorm i listened radio music.the topic of one of its program was jealousness.i reviewed my time with the occasional contacts with the girl fang (square) when i was in naikai unv. and later my time with my baby's mother,and look forward to the time with u ahead.spying eyes thick in the dorm and let me restlessly.the canteen received less customers when i ate my only dinner there.on the way returning to the room i met 2 girls leaving with packages for their home,likely.i again listened radio awhile till my baby's mother buzzed in and told me its little year (xiaonian in chinese),i refuted her according to the calender on my pda that tomorrow was.my baby at the time around 7 pm was said just slept.i came here to blog soon after and tried seeing why thunderbird ill working after packed into portable suit.dog now heavily blocked me,hindering me operating on www.diigo.com ,on which i created 2 groups under title of benzyrnill at http://groups.diigo.com/groups/benzyrnill and faezrland at http://groups.diigo.com/groups/faezrland and declaimed democracy of china and my royal of china.they also block quite some proxy of australia,most of them usually working and speedy.maybe they now need a boost of their loot to bargain with their host for bonus bone.
bye.i love u, in tear in dear.kiss u with beer.love u like the sunshine tomorrow.

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