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Monday, December 31, 2007

baby at home after the first serious snow since winter

spent 2 hours fruitlessly uploading my home video and picture to the web.really don't know what kind of a pleasure the Chinese internet dog enjoyed to block times and times again from my finishing uploading.they just let u upload then cut in the mid or near the end.they shits really had abundle of time to fuck around and mess up.they just fed to foolish Chinese people,shit on their heads.

afterall, its a nice holiday vacation.i will soon see my fruits after these chores and pains.dog, to its best,was an shortsighted animal.what's can prevent their corpse ditched like a mop?
what can compare with my hate to the hell Chinese internet cop?i just want slaughter them all,none except.the bull shits just blocked and hindered any productivity.their spyware now no my pc monitor each time when i typed.they r the exact the terrors.
bull shits!

silent Chinese, doomed to outburst in the coming future.

baby son&first serious snow since the winter

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