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Thursday, January 10, 2008

bright sunny days

these days my baby slept with our couples and he always after the midnight drove me away from my pillar by spread his arms and legs into full length.and i hence recently felt very sleepy in office in the morning and sometimes dozed all morning.my nose also sometimes running.the first serious snow almost clear out of view,left slippery only on sideway.in the mornings these days the sunshine very nice,so brilliant and flawlessly that i won't miss it without blogging it.i have lots of time reading articles on the web technology,but enthusiasm on updating my social networks fading,after being blocked from most social networks and had to harness proxy to access,quite troublesome.i won't hesitate for a second to out cry for a hearing and a workout to freedom of speech if i was let.i hate the China surveillance,and the dictatorship.i live to see its fall it doomed and deserved.

my baby these days started to play alone,his favorite play with messing us up.he love me,just as i love him,but he had to hide it from being watched,for his mother spent so many time catering to him.we all love him very much.he had shown cuteness and energetic.he blooming to be pilot in the world currency around him.

bye.i rush to post in fear of spying eye from cop ruin my post in the mid.

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