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Monday, January 14, 2008

baby bathed by his parents rarely recently in weekend.

i suggest bathing baby for i found he very like to play with tap water.i then worried if he got few chance to play with water.he recently only being bathed by his grandma in daytime when i and ema absent from home.so we had never seeing he being bathed.my baby glad to being bathed by his parents,however, he refused my bathing him but only let his mother bath him.so i suggest shot some pictures and his mother agreed.that's Jan 12,2008.he sometimes liked to bump a lot to let us notice him,and sometimes really annoying,esp. when u r busy.his mother always catered to him,and spent a lot of time to play with him,while i usually busy with pc.
these days Chinese cop heavily hacking me and closely surveillance me.my pc reboot a lot of time every day,esp. when i was absent from the front of the pc while its running,in the dog's aim to encourage me interactive with them,let them peek into my built behavior and learn to break me.when i was engaging on pc,they delayed returning pages my clicks requested a long time,let the surfing a pain of jamming and kept me wasting time to wait.they r fuckingly rampant on team-members and bundle of time to kill.i guess Chinese cop team must enlarge far more a lot recent years to reinforce the dictatorship,and preying on common people with solidarier peership.their team more likely composed of those social rubbish from lower level or blue collar workers' family, hooligan or labor worker, both had the behavor of dog.In China,the enrollment of government serviceman never transparent,esp. that of cop.they in fact a inherite job,vested by worker,who view themselves a cog of the machine,no matter state-machine or coperate machine,and never freedom exists.their head was an engineer, a better dog with narrow mind and short-sighted,close interests,constantly demanding more reins to steamline its lifeless process.

baby bathed by his parents rarely recently in weekend.

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