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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

brilliant sunshine

these days i felt sleepy in office, likely reading offline can't attracted me any more. the monitor of my department shift his desk from the media studio upstairs to our office and spent more time online now. he was right a dog, with an additional pair of spying eyes. the unclear weather likely passed forever and this morning's enviable bright sunshine declares the new forever bright sunny season's arrival. i saw the approaching of summer, which let me wondering. i like summer very much, for its seasonly. girl turns more beautiful and city skyline more streamlined. these days i dozed a lot in office, partly for i worked too hard in night at home, partly for reading offline turning boring for me. i need breakthrough, after long time squat down. China underwent silent coated transformation, and we waited for it too long.the authority steals assets from state and now it don't leave too much to cover. i smell the wind just like the descending of early summer, in which men battle with sweats.

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