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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

shallowly snown last night, sunny afternoon

God let me know the road to peace is far and enduring, with a shallow snow last night silently straight refute my judge in last post that sunshine forever since now. when i got up i noticed it at once for its so bright outside of the window. i shot at once inside of the window at the backyard of the residential building, which is a waste process yard of a arsenal works. i previously intended to visit the bureau of social medicare for registering my lost socail medicare card in the process of applying for writing off my medical expense when i was detained in the asylum in my hometown. but ema suggested that i don't go as scheduled and i adopted and prepared cds to reinstall os for the girl graduate colleague's computer, which infected and ran slowly. in the morning when i launched to install the guy had a like of computer as mine said with lan connected and a proxy on a pc having internet access then any pc in the lan can surf the web via the proxy. i was enlighten and launched in the afternoon to try it. the girl colleague absent lately in the afternoon so i launched to operate without her nod and finished till her return. i didn't tell her for the monitor and the bitch woman there in office and i don't want they know now. after all its quite unusual that i can't access internet but they all can. the unuttered rule is that , i think, i can use the internet access to break the surveillance of China and bring the company trouble. nobody tell why i as an long time employee and an graduate from prodigious university and an able staff, being separated from the staff of QRRS, the state-owned enterprise and an outdated company whose chairman of the board still under the rule of ccp party secretary. nobody in the office afford to be friend with me, except the girl who under the coat of being coward and a little bit navvy and stupid. after working time i buzzed the girl sometimes trying to let her know my stealth her bandwidth and her pc resource but can't buzz in.

its a nice day for me. nothing can be more emphasized than the importance the constant internet access for me and my task. i love it. i hope i can access web any time sooner than the schedule other expected.

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