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Sunday, April 27, 2008

peaceful afternoon sun light

these days busy with logo design, for my site benzyrnill(at http://sites.google.com/…llogo2.png ) , and baby son warren's sites,ie. warwinzh( at http://warwinzh.googlegroups.com/…inzht2.gif ), warranzh (at http://warranzh.googlegroups.com/…rranzh.gif ), warrantzh (at http://warrantzh.googlegroups.com/…rantzh.gif ), wardzh (at http://wardzh.googlegroups.com/…wardzh.gif ), and forgot the time's lapsing. when uploading logos to sites, China surveillance heavily blocked me and sometimes likely just responded my web request in real time, for some proxy just worked awhile then inaccessible. this afternoon i adding pages to my google groups' welcome page and frequently being broken and locked by China watch dog's hacking.however, i almost got what i want and now enjoyed the leisure to utter my story.

my baby these days still in cold and sometime complained painful stomach. in the morning he sticked some picture to his forehead, and in the afternoon some acnes appears on his cheeks. now his mother brought him outside. last night he said my design was ok when i asked his opinion. he and his mother can reasonable stepping into recovery these days, in which they suffered so much and cost so many medicines. the grandma's house now underwent renovation and i didn't lend a single hand.

these days sunshine resumed but the weather was cold. i had to put on my suite at home. the road to summer was so long and i almost broke my neck.

its a nice afternoon, after i got enough surfing on web at home. i love at home and surfing. after all blocking and delaying, i almost got things done. i love the peace of striving.

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