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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a storm rain just after noon

these days busy with lots of miscellaneous task, ranging from logo design and blog creation and customization. things lined up when i casually picked one and had to proceed to its end. the weather mostly cool these days, rendering my baby and his mother longer lingering in their cold. baby in the mid suffered heat and measles' alike ( lot of little projections appeared on his cheeks and sometimes vomiting) symptoms, let my sometimes curious and sometimes sorry or mercy. after all, the strange symptoms fading now, we glad to see more energy and liveness in our most beloved, and more cases we can treat life and things lighter as usual. his mother blamed my bringing him playing games a lot when he was ill. even i know her accusation was meaningless but i suffer no words to retort.

there is also some personnel changes in my office. the bitch woman, once sued me broke her pc and forced me to give up and let her using the pc solely, left and was promoted as a secretary of manager of a affiliate works newly built near Dalian, Liaoning Prov., the most southern end of northeast part of China, she tried to cover her gladness under complains and belittling and claim she will return if not fit. then the bully monitor changed the office layout totally, assigning the pc of the bitch to his old colleague, a blue collar previously. all dog's.

the sky turning dark now and more rain ahead likely. i will close this article in hope of grand summer's coming soon. International labor's holiday just in, and people busy with laying out tourism. i can't afford any movement now and had to be contented with the web, as usual. i look forward changes in the future, that's also as usual.

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