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Monday, June 02, 2008

rain days

these days rains frequented. sometimes sunshine appears but weak. i previously worried about my sleep but now the worry totally disappeared, for i slept long and sound in the night and even sleepy in the day time. i tried to keep up attentions upon animosity but gradually i let go quite some of them. sometimes i really don't know what i m to defense and why i had to be clear sight to dissect the hidden enemies. the option let me tired and last afternoon i slept on bed for additional 3 or more hours. i these days cautious about dozing, but sometimes i forgave it and let the power of sleeping controlled me.

last dusk i accompany baby and his mother haunted the southern park near ema's house. its my first time went there since i returned from my home town for disorder in behavior, which had been more than half of a year passed. baby played in the mini play yard and quite some baby and their parents there. i do what i may to protect my baby and he played glad. on the way home baby asked for buying food and that let ema lost her temper. she just too like her mother, each time claimed the rightful things and got a favorite position to scorn others. i told baby when we r alone that them liked to be the Emperor and stayed to be the only one that asserts. they frequently suggested or commanded something in advance just to show their righteousness and frustrate other minds independent. they in fact the dog of their master.

rains in these days let me sometimes felt cold. i also lost the energy to keep abreast the task scheduled. i may be in wade. but i had to sit and see. a lot of important things i care ahead and i need tactics to overcome the shortage of current vitality under depression. i need time to rectify the reality of thought flashed into my mind. i had to watch and learn. i don't short of anything that i can't judge an evil or a goodness. i just need to learn by my own.

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