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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it turn out to be sandstorm


the rain continued till early afternoon. i rode to the little restaurant near the dorm of QRRS through the rain. i ate necks of chicken at a favorite price of 5 rmb. returned to office the sky soon turned dark yellow. even the rain likely brought down lots of sand, it still cover the most of sky and let the range of sight greatly shortened. i read in the afternoon, including reviewed my posts published just before i was sent to my home town asylum. i saw the fight in my brain, against adversity and animosity. i sensed the cry for God. later i felt sore on my neck and shoulders. so i took a break. i felt better when i lower my head. after the guy facing me left, i used his ip to make use of proxy, to trying find out urls of my sites under my custom domain. most proxies were blocked and i had to quit.

its special for the weather here in these years. maybe the soil erode heavily in neighbor province, Inner Mongolia. God know where the global climate leads the world to.

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