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Saturday, October 25, 2008

baby first public appearance in his kindergarten


his mother was called to attending baby son's kindergarten's show, including singing, dance and recitations of Chinese traditional poems. no doubt, his mother carried her camera, and shot quite some short movies, while photos all shabby for her poor camera can't deal well with motion. this morning i finished uploading them to family youtube accounts. today is a dark day, even early morning was bright. at noon it started to snow, but don't last too long. it turns dark since them, while the ground was a little wet. these days i seemingly less blogged. one reason is that i busy with my cyberspace presence maintain. not so focused but did as i can pick up to improve. later these two days busy with fine tuned my qq mail, a Chinese im giant with lots of trifle functions, migrated all my gmail contacts and my google reader's feeds subscribed. the feeds importing function offered by the site quite shabby, 20 more items a time, otherwise frequent errs. however, that forced me to divided my family publication channels, as well as groups with different notable sites, into each title, ie., warren's, ema's and mine. that's not bad. now with the qq mail, i can post twitter via twittermail, esp. log expense or timer activities via twitter bot, follow my qq folks' blog domestic, read internet news i subscribed within the qq mail. yes, digsby i recently heavily harness also can do it centrally, but qq has an advantage: it bundled my account with my cellphone, so i don't fear of confidential leak or losing my qq account. the reason for i so anxious about web account security is that i had long time under the severe surveillance under China authority, including the cops. i enjoyed the web as usual, even on home pc cop's monitoring turned more disgusting. i sure believe the future is mine. love u, all my cared and beloved. i see the dawn in the western sky.
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