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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

baby son, warren zhu, now has his own qq im on Nov 25th, 2008

a busy day again today. i finished setting up my livejournal blogs to let me
email to post. dog in China surveillance spied my operation and stealen my
baby warren's qq user id i assigned in advance. when i returned home i
launched to register warren a qq account, and the disignated id, warrenzh,
reported occupied, while warrenzhu, which more common in Chinese, on the
contrast availabe. shit!
in this half of an hour, after 10pm, Nov 25th,2008, i finished setting up warren's profile
on qq, and account safety issue. now i can more easily publish our message.
now i have formal blogging blogs, microblog blogs, and in the mid, dairy
blogs. life just too bright with these publishing tools.

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