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Friday, November 28, 2008

encountered China surveillance realtime, dogs unveil its mask

today i dozed first time in this week in office. i dozed in the morning and afternoon, each time woke up by moving or visiting person. dog in China surveillance spying my pc and blocked my exporting my blog at blogger.com right the moment i clicked the download button, returning a blank pages and cut off any access to blogger.com, while Internet access still allowed. i continued to read online in my google reader, till finished all my favorite feeds. just after i dropped the pc for a refresh, dog cut off my Internet within the corporate lan. later i tried changed my ip and i surfed again, but the pc under hacking responded very slow and painfully to do anything. 
today's event clearest indicating cop now assigned individule dog remotely monitor my pc every moment, they surely found fun more than face to face. the gay, the shadow, the dark under cloud, surely enjoy spying in cloak, that's their habit.
this week not bad for me, even i finally decided giving up hope on qq mail, whose shabbily handicapped funcation really disappointed me. i also see clear no replacement of service or product domestically. China, nowadays, to its most extend just a poor mimic of the western, and that's their all proud to be so.

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