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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a day of trifle

i finished most awaiting feeds in my google reader. dog in the office

biting all time, including within the whole building. i dozed in the

morning for about 2 hours, till the girl colleague interrupted me for

help fixing her problematic pc. last night baby&ema attempted seperate

me from enjoying family life, esp. my parentship. i also sensed ema in

need of me, while i wondering my beloved. in the dawn i dreamed of in

the camp of Bush, the leaving American President, and played with his

children, including his daughters and sons(?). we played in the

forest, and in his house with his wife received me. baby didn't join

his kindergarten all day, for he claiming he don't want to spread his

coldness to his classmates. i also let pc runing in the moring,

downloading and catalog vector clips i got yesterday. pc now much

stabler than before it was upgraded. in fact it now seldom hangs or

reboots irregularly. i enjoyed it quite much, even my baby now

deprived me most of time in front of it when i at home. he even

demands leaving his game open when he left. however what i owned is

meanable, comparing my peers, for example, today i saw one of my peer

in the company offering me salary driving a car, he is a deputy

dirctor of sale department, i surely should have more capable office

to make full use of my time as well as my life.

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