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Friday, December 19, 2008

God shown me the way

last night i busy with adding my adsense onto warren&be21zh's google

knol till 10:20pm. on bed i again a bit sleeplessly. in the mud almost

unconsciously, when i focus reviewing my kid brother, God, my dad, u

again clearest show my ur way. u clearest shown me all the truth i

peeked, and incomparable conformed me i was the gifted, the chosen,

the Son. God, i know i don't miss anything i own, or i need, and don't

miss any holy message i want to know.

God, i now in a circumstance where most common people or evils don't

in belief, or even constantly profaned the spirit in me. i fight any

time and any way, i look forward to full integrate with u, in one

spirit, in the utmost determination. but, God, i don't complain, i

here just a process to experience the suffering and the business of my

ancestor with glory.

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