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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bright sunny day

last night i spent 4 rmb to post and register my baby and his mother their accounts with www.diigo.com .i read in dorm till 2:41 am and finished "from vietnam to 9.11:on the front line of national security" and some of "thinking on the web".in the dawn i dreamed again i held my baby alone and left him with my absence for some time and when his mother found him his body covered with some swells.i faced the accuse of ignoring and i tried to settle with god’s care and tested it with my ears but just woke up by babbles from the female administrators in the corridor.so i hurried up to see my baby and found he was in the close arms of the aunt who watching tv with his kid son.my baby almost immediately asked for my cares.he immediately asked to play with the shampoo newly bought by the aunt.the kid son was in a fuss and attempted to take away the shampoo several times.my baby later played with water in the lavatory and the aunt finally took away the bottle of shampoo.then i bathed my baby.this time i finished bathing my baby on my own and my baby played with bailing out water from the basin to floor without any notice of water projecting onto his head.i wrapped him with his towel and later put on him.after lunch i started to burn 3 pirate os onto cds.his mother soon left for her school.i sang a lot with my baby on my shoulders and the kid son learning in the waiting room.i against my baby’s mother’s warn started to reinstall os of the pc and the notebook and tried to reinforce the security settings and backup them.the grandma and her sister went to shower.i didn’t finish my work till 8 pm and missed the dinner,even my baby called me for quite sometimes.i just want to let pc busy so as let me had free time to eat my dinner.my baby was forced to challenge their side watch with his brave deeds.he also attempted to use the computers for several times but mostly held aside by his mother.when i finished my work on pc and read to eat my dinner, his mother,who was tutoring a boy student first time,cursed me for i let her ms powerpoint missing and can’t open some ppts.i finally lost temper and beat her.the boy student left, and the aunt and her son mingled in the mid and i almost threatened the kid son when he attempted to stop me.my baby cried loudly but later slept on my shoulders.when the aunt and her son let my baby’s mother into their room and lock the door i kicked the door and let it broke down to the floor and scattered the glass.when my baby woke up i open the window on balcony and talked to him and sang for him.after shift my baby to his mother with milk she just bought,i left for dinner and kiss my baby.
in a restaurant near the dorm i turned talkative and shown my pda to the boss couples.then i was here writing to u.
its not a bad day today.i just sorry for my baby for i didn’t accompany him more time.i love him exceed what can expressed in words.i love u.with my tear and beer.i love u from the heaven.kiss u with fragrance.bye.

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