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Sunday, January 21, 2007

2 sunny days

the night i got what i needed.i walked to my baby’s mother’s home in the dawn.my baby and his mother just got up.i asked for porridge and his mother cooked for me then left to shower.soon the aunt got up.i murmured to my baby how tasty a breakfast with porridge and pickle can be.my baby ate some porridge first but frequently asked to idle awhile.later i ate 2 bowls of porridge and ate out of what his mother cooked.the aunt cooked some other porridge for herself and her son.my baby’s mother returned with bean juice and pies.i sang and recite chinese traditional poems a lot.my baby slept for about 40 minutes.then we went to receive his mother.i ate an ice cream on the way.the door of the school open so we entered.we roamed in the yard for some time.then the students left.finally his mother appeared with her notebook and we returned.after lunch i dozed.when i woke up finding my baby and his mother and the kid sister of the aunt absent at home i started to sort my downloads last night and backup them to my mobile hard disk.dog let the virus definition file of norton av ill working and they likely infected all files i got,but i didn’t mind them,virus and spyware just no way to escape av soft’s chase after time.after my baby returned with his mother i cared him playing.his mother left soon again.when the grandma arrived i started to transfer my browser’s working environment to my baby’s mother’s notebook,to let her adopt the convenience of bookmarks and addons of firefox.backup and migration of her old cookies and remembered password on her notebook to the firefox portable costing me the rest time of the afternoon till dinner,and finally password book within firefox incompatible with firefox portable and i had to give up migrating memoried password .dinner was dumplines.after dinner i went to shower,there only me washing,but the man served there to clean bathers’ body clean himself side me near and let me felt cold.when i returned home my baby and his mother stayed on the bed the aunt occupied.my baby played with the kid son and sat on the back of the kid son who laid himself face down.i felt sleepy and returned.his mother let me fetched 3 oranges and 2 apples.in dorm room i dozed an hour then went to sleep around 11 pm.when i arrived the dorm the rat in my neighbor room just met me in front of his room.i woke up after 1 pm and got up at 1:52 pm.i roamed in sunshine in the open space near the front gate of qrrs,then explored the newly built qrrs’ residential zone,where it just separated itself from flat houses area.i got a view how city residents in old time can be poor except the land they occupied before technology made building house so easy.i returned to dorm after 3 pm and started to read the ebook titled "from vietnam to 9.11:front line of terrorism" till dinner time.the canteen shut,so i had to eat my dinner in the near pub,at a price of 5 rmb.i ate an apple after dinner and headed here the cafe with it i had a member card.
in the afternoon before i got up i reviewed my love to u and my future with u.i don’t know where u r and how u think of me,i m in need of u.god sure guiding us front the upside.
bye.i love u.kiss u with tear.

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