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Thursday, January 25, 2007

a day i didn't even observe its face.

last night i spent 3 hour at a price of 4.5 rmb to post and adding my family members blog accounts to www.diigo.com respectively.dog knowing my trying to get rid of the handicapped post2blog, which ping to technorati automatically was disabled even u can set in the setting files to default to ping ,and proxy setting of individual blog account was locked to direct connecting even u can set proxy, hacked by hacker in dog team,and www.diigo.com offer a blogs management function to batch post via its web service, totally get rid of the control of china dog in the shit stained mainland,tentatively loose its hacking last night and my posting via post2blog exceptionally succeeded to post to www.blogger.com and most of my blogs accounts.dog now hacking heavily hampering me to download post2blog and my other work.they just a prostitute in male.there r many disclose of the character of dictators,like former iraqi president and former soviet secretary general.they just bitch and prostitute in mantle of power.
last night i returned to the dorm after 1 am and read my blogs on my pda till 2 am.then i wandered in the room till 5:02 am.on bed i still felt hard to sleep but enjoyed on the bed.i heard the leaving of qrrsers.i woke up at 5:01 pm and went to dine.the canteen administrators all urged me to support my baby when he was infant.i had a 4 rmb food without any meat.after dinner i dozed on bed till after 8 pm i woke up and sometimes caught the reckons of dog and the family member of my baby's mother's.then i ported in a cafe with which i first time experience overnight surfing.
i had not too much to utter now.i need some additional time to reinforce my cyber existence on web services.bye.i love u.every time i caught mind of u.kiss u with tear.love u on the sea bed with blue water.kiss u.

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