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Sunday, February 11, 2007

weak while pure sunshine in the morning,straight bright in the aftenoon

last night in the cafe being blocked heavily. i merely blogging while costing 4 rmb for 4 hours.returning to the dorm i read awhile my posts on my pda.the rats in neighbor room kept babbling and dirty me.so i read awhile chinese traditional poems on my pda. i went to bed at 1:06 am.soon in the dream i sensed ur pains of ur love and ur penalty to me of migrating to us.i wet dreamed then and woke up.i was heavily upset,and saw quite some omen of the effect of ur giving up to our love.i can't judge what's illusion and what's omen, even sure dog around exerting their coldness and dirty will.i got up at 9:23 am and washed my bed rob then went to see my baby.he was near the 2 sons of the aunt watching tv with their mother.he was told by them to pick me a pair of slippers.i held him then till went to receive his mother who now underwent normal teaching scheme at 10:40 am.i was in sincere low spirit that i seldom talked.my baby directed me entered the sports yard where lots of skaters even the sunshine melting dirty snow.then we moved to the south park,where he asked for some candy.his nose running and the vendor lend us tissue to mop.my baby very glad to play on the mini plaza in the park and laugh and babbled a lot.later he walked to a nearby grocery market.then i suggested to prepare to receive his mother and we headed on.we entered the school later when the students leaving.he then turned irritated and even worse after returning home and was milked to sleep before lunch.lunch was fried beef which they ate last night as the feast of the festival of lunar little year(xiao nian in chinese).my pda's calendar still indicating today should be the festival and i also remembered the day in my hometown was right the day.after lunch i dozed aside my baby and his mother soon left for her school.my baby soon woke up while i sleepy.when he played on his own i started to retouch my portable suit.then the aunt family left to fetch their booked ticket from the railway station.my baby cried a lot not to let me operate on  the pc,and i knew hacking around concentrated. my baby even powered down the pc just when i copying the archive to udisk.however, i didn't scorn my baby after all my wrong scorns to my baby while he is always right.later we mix some drink of juice powder and beer to drink and he liked it very much.then i bathed him.he enjoyed it very much,only when he can't breathe when water covered his face he need my caress.when i wrapped him with quilt sitting in the sunshine on the balcony the aunt family returned and left some fussy comments.i turned normal in spirit,and sang sometimes.near 4:20 pm when went out to receive his mother.he again entered the school yard for the gate was open.i sensed cop in the outpost of the gate spying closely all time.my baby asked to walk on the dusty field track till his mother approached us.then i went to public bathroom to shower.the bathroom changed its boss.and a man before i arrived there being massaged and continued that after i left.another man arriving when i leaving.my baby's mother tutoring a girl student and soon finished and dinner ready.before dinner my baby ate a bowl of wheat food with spoon on his own and felt glad.after dinner i recited some strong phrases and let my baby stay in high spirit.when he asked his mother's milk and slept,i left.in the dorm i dozed awhile,listening radio.after 9 pm i came here to write u.

bye.i love u,no matter how u treat me.i admitted i can't judge ur decision upon our love right now, and i really care about my life ahead with u together.i need true love,but i would suffer misery as the stories of artist.i broke my heart one time and i think i don't want ruin my soundness any more.

i love u,in every tiny sense it bares.love u in sunshine.kiss u with beer.

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