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Monday, February 12, 2007

pale sunshine

last night in cafe posting was painful.dog's block let it a test of endure ability.i got view that dog not only cost me more money on web but also more time being waste,less time to think on the web.my profile at myspace.com was hacked to error-prone.the day before yesterday it was being down but when i tried in ie near 0 am it resumed.then yesterday it again down.my google browser sync also under unauthorized modification and lost the status i logout last time.returning to the dorm near 0 am i read awhile my blog then slept at 1:26 am.dreams i can't remember now.near 8 am the monitor of my once working place,qrrs, buzzed in to informed me going to the office to fetch bonus and financial aid before 8 am.i returned and slept till 1:08 pm getting up.finding the unclear sunshine i felt better jog outside and i went to the office.the monitor asked why i didn't arrive on time then we went to the main office building.there i was offered 700 rmb and 2 qrrs' uniform then waiting for the interview with the department director.we talked briefly,at the time the labor association chairman of department handed me another 700rmb.after the director left the monitor and the chairman,in family name of liu, accompany me to fetch some material bonus in its shop and help me bring them to my dorm room.i saw their out and wondering if i should sent them directly to my baby's mother's house.but i left to listen radio till 4:30 pm then i ate my dinner at a cost of 4 rmb.the female administrator of the canteen inquired me and i glad to talk about my recent status.after dinner i haunted around the open space surrounding the workers' palace.when i returned,under the tree near the gate of the dorm zone some magpies rabbled loudly and let me wondering the moment of my arm around ur neck near,and my hand almost reach urs. i also sensed the arrangement of qrrs, maybe from the day i first time arrived back to 1991 when i graduated from nankai unv. after the turbulence of "6.4" beijing storm.old man's covet layout still in good shape and history extending likes an mutton sheet.

after dinner i also buzzed my hometown and my mother wanted me took job and visit her next year.when i buzzed my baby's mother she felt not so glad to know my not bringing materials newly got her home.i felt obliged to her.

bye.i love u.in near time i can sense.kiss u with god's touch.kiss me,baby.i love u in the heaven.bye.

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