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Friday, February 16, 2007

pale sunshine

last night i didn’t linger too much in cafe,and by being restricted to direct connection and posting via post2blog to 3 blog hosts all successfully i finished my routine swift.returned to the dorm i read awhile my blog then went to bed after 1:30 am.i restless for quite some time and worried my hot brain.however i slept sound later and dreamed a lot of building used as prisons,and quite some people tried all means to climbed the wall to evade being trapped in the building or move from one building to another.i also know intelligent youth(ziqin or zishiqingnian in chinese) in and after mao’s culture revolution era all infected with dog behavior.some of them operate till now but still in dog’s behavior.in the mid night i heard some strange sound likes baby’s cries but the dorm or aound can’t holding any baby.when i accepted its a new birth of baby,it ceased.i woke up early and stayed on bed wondering for some time till at 11:38 am or so i got up for lunch.then i ate the apple i brought from my baby’s mother’s home yesterday and haunted outside.i jogged some time on the way to the dorm in the dorm zone yard.after qrrsers went to work i went to borrow its magazines.but the gate blocked its employees late for half of an hour.i also waited there and one of its employees ever cooperated with me to shot program for qrrs’ cable tv when i worked once there chatted with me.then the library found locked.i returned and on the way remembered i should remit to "hope project".then i visited icbc but there were queues there.i then went to post office nearby and remit 222 rmb to beijing "hope project" for impoverished children of chinese less developed area.returned to dorm i listened radio on bed since then till dinner time.most time i wondering our love and marriage in fog.in the morning when i awake i recognized u might had scheduled to study aboard.i don’t know its illusion of dog’s exertion or message directly from u.i tossed in love with u.dinner was egg and green pepper and bean curd slice.after dinner i again listening radio music on bed.the neighbors with a thin paper wall apart from my room stayed there and exerting dirty will onto me and let me have to defense.later some female visited them.i left the dorm again at 9:57 pm to here to write u.
bye.dog in the cafe pestering me so i want to be swift.i love u,never anything can change it.u might venture the western world as u r young and endorsed,but u should know i m suffering for u,by u,and to u.in every boring moment u sensed after bubbles and ebbs,u will find my gaze in expectation unbeatable and evalueable.i love u like the sea blue deep,like the mountain lofty and clear and with dignity.love u is not as easy as pains taking, is not additive as music or paintings.love is my image of ur figure in the loneliest night,flashing and disappeared in street lamps after gases of taxi and dusts of rush foot step of passengers.l love u,in doomed light in the end.i hold u in every brink of cautious eyesight.
bye.baby,my dearest kin,my kid sister,love me,and not let me slide away.kiss u with blossom.i love u.no matter which way u chose or to choose.

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