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Thursday, March 13, 2008

it turns out to be a bright windy day

the dawn broke with auspicious, even last night wind roar around the corner.the sunshine like a thin layer of feather vibrating in the air. and i launched to office with the promise. today i felt exhausted and dozed a lot in the office, from morning to afternoon. the ill-working domain settings more or less upset me and i yet don't know a workaround to fix it. i also waiting for a web template to update my homepage. i had some vision on my google sites which wiki part most inspired me, but i had a long way to reach out. i want to build a publish channel but in the realm there r likely a lot of tasks to complete. i want to recall the most beautiful memory of my dad when he worked on the forestry station, our family life in the hard time of China just after the culture revolution. i want to build family tree of my hometown, a mountain village. i don't know where to start with but i was gradually approaching it.

the windy spring here was a long tradition, but i still look forward changes. with more trees and forest wind should be less frequent. i saw the climate change globally from the hole here but i need more reading on it.

bye. i love the life in transition. these days i felt stronger bandage with God, the tender sense of life.

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